Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™

As a leading developer and operator of E-beam food treatment systems, we ensure safety and quality by treating fruits and vegetables for all types of pathogens and pests. Better yet, our patented electron beam system significantly extends shelf life and reduces pathogens without harming taste, color, odor, texture or the environment.

Electronic Cold-Pasteurization (ECP™) showers produce with a controlled beam of high-energy, ionizing electrons that eliminates pests like fruit flies, destroys pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella and kills bacteria and molds that spoil food.

Cases of fruit and produce pass through the electron beam (E-beam) in milliseconds on a high-speed conveyor. When the E-beam strikes pests, pathogens, bacteria and other microbes either die immediately or can no longer survive to cause rejection, illness or spoilage.

These benefits are achieved while maintaining cold-chain integrity.

Direct Benefits of Electronic


Reveam’s flagship treatment facility – the Rio Grande Valley ECP™ Center – is located in McAllen, TX. The 100,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled cross-dock facility features five temperature zones and a high-density push-back system to store products in proper cold chain requirements.

Because the ECP Center processes product in its final packaging, the produce handling system in combination with professional labor can safely and efficiently handle multiple pallet loads at the case level with increased speed, efficacy and accuracy.

Integrated Logistics & Information Services

Our system offers the ultimate in cold chain services. We help growers, wholesalers and retailers ensure safety and quality with synchronized supply chain processes that provide case-level visibility from farm to border to store.

Quicker CBP and USDA procedures

Faster treatment without breaking the cold chain

Lower transportation costs



FSMA and FSVP Compliance

Our information services help the entire produce supply chain – from growers and packers to customs brokers, wholesalers and retailers – gain visibility and improve operational efficiency.

Bespoke R&D

Reveam constantly strives to remain at the vanguard of our technologies. Our robust R&D capabilities bring fresh, new solutions to market, while also allowing us to develop custom-built solutions for our clients.

Reshaping the Global Food Supply Chain


Innovation in Fresh Food Safety – Reveam and ECP™ E-Beam Technology

Reveam’s ECP™ E-Beam technology safely and effectively eliminates pest and pathogens in fresh produce without the need for toxic chemicals, creating a safer, healthier food supply and addressing some of the most critical issues facing the food sector today.

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Reveam Partners with Georgia Tech to Develop Advanced Accelerator Research and Innovation Center with Support from U.S. National Labs

Reveam and the Georgia Institute of Technology have partnered to develop a multidisciplinary accelerator-based center of excellence for advanced electron beam (E-beam) and X-ray research to promote innovative and sustainable solutions for critical issues facing the food sector and beyond.

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Reveam Meets with California Growers to Discuss ECP™ Solutions for Food Safety & Quality Concerns, as Part of Western Growers AgTechX Food Safety Cohort

As members of Western Growers (WG) AgTechX Food Safety Cohort, Reveam was invited to California to meet with growers to discuss food safety & quality concerns, and how ECP™ may help solve critical issues facing the industry.

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Reveam Co-Founder Chip Starns Invited as Guest Speaker for National Plant Board Southern Division Annual Meeting

Reveam was invited by NPB Southern Division to learn about plant and pest problems facing fresh produce and highlight Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™ technology as an alternative solution to toxic chemical treatments used today.

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Reveam To Join Produce Industry at TIPA’s Viva Fresh Expo

As a long-standing member of TIPA, recipient of the inaugural “Best in Show – Most Innovative Food Safety Solution” award for our ECP™ technology and frequent attendee of the Viva Fresh Expo, Reveam appreciates TIPA’s focus on highlighting the best opportunities and interests for both Texas-grown and imported produce. 

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SENASICA Visits Rio Grande Valley Center

Reveam Hosts Delegates from SENASICA to Tour Reveam’s USDA-Certified Treatment Facility and Discuss the Benefits of ECP Technology for Fresh Produce Imports and Exports

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Scantech Sciences Receives USDA Certification for Commercial Operations, Unveils New Reveam Name and Brand

The Company’s USDA Certification and New Brand Identity Signals the Transition from Pioneers in Developing Patented E-Beam Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™ (ECP™) Technology to Full Commercial Operations.

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Scantech Sciences Invited to Join AgTechX Food Safety Cohort as Part of Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology

Western Growers Establishes the Food Safety Cohort to Quickly Develop Cutting-Edge Prevention and Diagnostic Technologies to address challenges facing the…

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ScanTech Sciences appoints new CTO/SVP of Engineering

ScanTech Sciences’ announced today that Jeff Pelletier will serve as Chief Technology Officer/SVP of Engineering, reporting to Chief Executive Officer, Dwayne House.

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Jefferson Lab highlights ScanTech partnership

ScanTech Sciences’ Co-founder and Executive Vice President, Chip Starns, recently spoke at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility as part of their Inventor’s Academy series.

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Covid and Food Safety VIRTUAL TOWN HALL

As the food industry continues to react in the wake of COVID-19, major U.S. produce associations have kept the industry and public aware of the status, safety and regulatory requirements of produce production.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and an Increased Need for Safe Food

The safety of our employees is a top priority and as a result, our teams will limit travel, telecommunicate where possible and reduce the number of customer tours and meetings at our facility.

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